Kom is currently a very small ski station and is best serviced by the nearby town of Bercovitsa about 15km away.

There are plans to develop the Kom Tourist and Sport complex into a nice little ski resort complete with cable car, chair lifts and about 18km of runs but this is still some way off.

Although small at present (only 800m of runs), the mountain is relatively high at 2016m (with the top run starting at 1940m) it is one of the most northerly ski stations in Bulgaria and regularly gets a full five months of snow.

The lack of any other major resorts in the area means we would only really recommend a visit to Kom if you are taking in some of the other local attractions such as the stunning Montana countryside.

That said, combining a weekend here and taking in the other small ski station in the area (about 40km away) of Parshevitsa may make this a nice and cheap 48 hours away for a family of beginners and low intermediates.

Making this station part of a major road trip is hard to justify at present but keep an eye on it!

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Kom Mountain Gallery

Kom is small but pretty and we think it is a fantastic place to explore or learn in due to the low cost and close proximity to Sofia.

See for yourself what we mean!