On the highway between Razlog and Simtili you will see a small sign that points to Kuinoto. The small sign says it all!

Originally developed by the locals of Razlog and surrounding villages to serve as their local ski hill sometime in the 1980s it does get a little busy at weekends but most people in the know head a little further afield for their fun.

Deals have been done with developers to turn this hill into something more spectacular (not hard) but that will most probably be a long time coming.

Until this happens what you have is another alternative to the big resort of Bansko which is best suited for learners and families with small kids or on a budget.

Not bad if you can't be bothered with the Bansko lift cues or lift prices.

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Kulinoto Mountain Gallery

Kulinoto is small but very beautiful andserves as a good learners alternative to Bansko and is certainly much, much cheaper.

Being only about ten minutes from Bansko makes Kulinoto a very viable option for those looking to learn on the cheap!