Malyovista is another small Bulgarian resort but can get very busy at weekends when locals and city dwellers alike flock to the ski station instead of Borovets (about 15km away through Goverdatsi).

It is a very popular location for skiers in the winter but also for other mountain pursuits in the summer because the local peaks are some of the most challenging to climb (and often used by the national teams as their summer base for training). Close walking proximity to national treasures such as the Seven Rila Lakes and The Rila Monastery (we say close…about six hours in the summer) means this is a great all year round destination.

The “resort” is small but has more tourist facilities than Goverdatsi down the road with a good number of traditional restaurants.

Well worth a visit and we recommend staying in this area for two or three days and trying out the other local ski stations to keep you on your toes!

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Malyovitsa Mountain Gallery

Malyovitsa is one of the smaller ski resorts in Bulgaria that the locals often would prefer to keep for themselves!

Cheap with plenty of terrain and close to Borovets makes this popular at weekends with Bulgarians and ideal for learners or those that don't like a crown mid week.